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I have something to confess: I did not race with a camera in my pocket in Mallorca, nor did I have the world’s most advanced camera/tripod/remote sensor setup. Instead, the race photos (and video!) that you saw on my blog were taken by professional amateur photographers, and A+ parents, Csparls and Ssparls. These two intrepid adventurers made the trip all the way from the bear-infested great northern wilderness of Canada to see their son smash things up in Mallorca. Well, at least that’s what they said. I’m gonna bet that the bright sun and sandy beaches had something to do with it as well.

No, I’m only kidding. They definitely came out to see Jamie, and it was really cool that they did. Jamie, Phil, JJ and I are all in our mid-twenties, and we all talk trash and wax macho when we’re sitting around the house, but we’re all still our mother’s little boy when she’s around. (Sadly, this may not be universal, but I think the four of us have incredibly loving and supportive families.) So it was a real treat to see Jamie light up when his parents rolled into town. Part of it is that our jobs are something of a 24/7 affair and it’s tough to carve out time away from cycling. Having Jamie’s parents blow in like a breath of fresh air from home was rejuvenating, and not just for Jamie. We were all pretty busy, being in the middle of a big stage race, so I didn’t have a ton of time to get to know the Sparlssssss, but even the brief chats I had with them were awesome. They’re bright and funny, and they complete the Jamie picture perfectly. I don’t know if I said that right, but you know how sometimes people just seem to fit perfectly with their parents? This was one of those times.

Anyway, that was all just a long winded way of saying thanks to C&S Sparls, first for making the journey to Mallorca and lifting spirits, second, for letting me poach their awesome pics and vids, and third, for having the cajones to call me out on this blog for said poaching. They’re fantastic, and they’re welcome back anytime with or without their camera.

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  1. Csparls

    Wow….the best vid / pic credits ever! Thanks for the kind words Ryan…and best of luck to you and all the Raleigh-ites in the race on Sunday.

    April 17, 2011 at 5:26 am

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