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The Royal Wedding of Will and Cat

Psych! I bet you thought I meant those stuffy Brits cooped up in their silly English palace. Wrong. The biggest wedding taking place this spring is that of William Hemmings and Cat Downs. Will is one of my closest friends and has been for, well, most of my life. He’s one of the brightest guys I’ve ever met, and his lightning quick wit and brilliant sense of humor make him perhaps theĀ  funniest guy I know. Many a gut has neared busting thanks to his witty banter. But perhaps the thing I appreciate most in Will is his old school sense of honor and loyalty. You just don’t see that shit much these days. When you combine all of those awesome qualities in a guy who can outdrink you and kick your ass in Catan you get one of the top five coolest humans on the planet. Apparently Cat agrees with me, because she’s willing to marry him.

As you can tell from the man-crush ramblings above I think pretty highly of Will, and thus I demand that his future wife be his equal in awesomeosity. Well, as luck (fate? destiny? How melodramatic!) would have it Will has met his match. Cat is every bit as quick as Will, and every bit as bright. Her knowledge of Tudor history would bitch-slap Will’s ability to chronologically name the presidents, she was a cheesehead before he even liked the Packers, and when it comes to karaoke her Avril Lavigne outshines his Billy Idol (sorry, bro, it’s true). Plus she’s beautiful. And the icing on the cake? Well, she’ll even put up with his shenanigans.

Will is a pretty verbose guy, so you know it takes a special woman to leave him speechless… or at least shut him up. Seriously, they’re perfect for each other. It’s fun to be around people who are so in love, and that goes double when they’re both so amazing to begin with. I know it’s totally corny to say it, but there’s just something in the air when those two are together, and it brings me great joy that they’ve chosen to keep that going for the rest of their lives. I love you both so much. I miss you too, and I can’t wait to congratulate you in person.


So I did also see another little wedding the other day. Mooney and I jetted down to London town to catch another Will and Kat tie the knot, and it turned out to be a blasty. I’m pretty much over typing at this point, so I’ll give you the ole photo essay cop-out. Let me just say it was kind of like going to a rock festival, only there was no music and the mosh pit was extremely polite.


(Dog and) Pony show. Part of the procession

My view of the wedding. I gave Phil a well-timed boost and he saw the happy couple walk out of Westminster Abbey

One million wedding crashers

Make that 1,000,002

If shit was gonna hit the fan, these guys were ready to get the scoop.

Though Cyclops could probably have handled things


There were more TV announcers at this wedding than there will be guests at mine

If you look closely you can spot the only person I saw all day who wasn't stoked

Oh, you think you're sooooo cool with your fancy invitations!

Wait, I thought this was a wedding, a royal wedding, in fact. When did we get to Woodstock?

Red rover, red rover, send Philip right over! Phil? Spoilsport.

Beatrice's was better.

Hmm... my friend drives a Ford Fiesta. Somehow this is more impressive

...and they're all partied out.

Highlight of the trip for sure! Phil, a grown man, had to ask an attendant where platform 9 and 3/4 was

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  1. Momma Kate

    Flowery description of Will and Cat, but any less would not have done them justice. They are as awesome as you described!

    May 7, 2011 at 6:21 pm

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